Mask or Muzzle?

Mask or Muzzle?

Ever since the beginning of this supposed pandemic called COVID-19 we, as citizens of this nation, have been asked and in some cases forced to wear a face mask. At first, it was just for two weeks to slow the spread, they said. Then, it was ever increased to permanent status.

Along the way, more and more folks fell in line with (were duped by) the media narrative that you needed to wear the mask not for your protection, but for the safety of those around you. It was further asserted that you, by not wearing the mask, could be the cause of the death of countless others.

Then, for those who chose to engage their faculties of thought who dared question the authority of the masses a new narrative emerged. It began to be that those who asked for their science behind the narrative were brow-beaten and in many cases literally beaten. More still were silenced for exercising a right guaranteed to be protected by the Constitution of the United States in expressing an opinion… The mask had become a muzzle.

The muzzle is a powerful tool of the Left. It is a way to show solidarity with the Masters — the Elites who exercise totalitarian control over more and more of the lives of everyday Americans. It means we have been denied the Freedom of Speech. We who are muzzled can only speak when we regurgitate the narrative of the Masters.

The muzzle is a sign of compliance. When we don the muzzle, we signify that, “…today I will only say the things that are allowed.” The muzzle means a citizen is also denied the time or need to think. We are told that what is spewed from the mouths of the Elites, are all we need to know on a matter — especially the wearing of the mask/muzzle. There is no need to think — just do it.

There was a time when Americans felt a deep concern for the subjects of other countries like China where the public wore all-grey attire. The mask/muzzle is now the American version of that sign of compliance and subjection.

It is no longer, We The People. It is We the Subjects. I engaged briefly once with a person who resided in another country where the government was ruled by a Royal. This was after the Las Vegas shootings. This person posted a message of his utter disbelief that witless Americans would still refuse to give up the possession of firearms (for we all know that narrative, the firearms kill and that mere humans are unable to prevent them from killing and that when a killing occurs the gun in the hands of the perpetrator is able to out-muscle the bearer of the gun and fires against the will of the bearer). I quipped that Americans would not give up their firearms because we were citizens and not subjects. The mask/muzzle is a sure sign that Citizenship is fading fast.

Of course, the idea that is America still exists. It must be preserved. It will likely be costly to do so. Patriots know this. Patriots refuse to be muzzled. The mask is a symbol of everything our Founding Fathers fought against. The mask is a muzzle. It is designed to destroy the essence of what it is to be created in the Image of God — a being of Speech.

So, let’s not give in. Never ever give up.

At Westside, we assemble to worship the One, True, Living God – Who Spoke the Worlds into existence. We have never once considered wearing the mask or stopping our assemblies. Won’t you come join us?

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